TCG – State of Origin

Introducing the TCG – State of Origin!

The TCG State of Origin is a team based, round robin tournament using TCG Standard rules played on PTCGO for those living in Australia! The tournament will be held over 10 weeks and will feature 7 teams, managed by 7 of Australia (and New Zealand’s) best TCG players. Over those weeks, we will see 7 round weeks, a mid-season break, and 2 weeks of playoffs. Teams will be picked by the managers of each team. The teams will be: Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, Western Australia, South Australia and New Zealand.

Tournament Information

  • Duration: 10 Weeks
  • Players per team per week: 5
  • Format: TCG Standard Rules
  • Weekly Games: Games will be on the Pokemon Trading Card Game online.Each week the Manager of each team will submit a roster of which players will be playing TCG Standard rules. Each player will play one player from the opposing team in a Best-of-3, and the team which wins 3 of 5 match-ups will win that week.

Teams and Managers

New South Wales
Western Australia
South Australia
New Zealand



Announcement: Monday September 25

Week 1: Monday October 2 – Sunday October 8

Week 2: Monday October 9 – Sunday October 15

Week 3: Monday October 16 – Sunday October 22

Week 4: Monday October 23 – Sunday October 29

Mid-Season Break: Monday October 30 – Sunday November 5

Week 5: Monday November 6 – Sunday November 12

Week 6: Monday November 13 – Sunday November 19

Week 7: Monday November 20 – Sunday November 26

Play Offs Week 1: Monday November 27 – Sunday December 3

Play Offs Week 2: Monday December 4 – Sunday December 10

  • The top 3 teams after week 7 will go through to the play offs.