Introducing the 2017 EXP Circuit

Introducing the 2017 EXP Circuit!

Pokémon Sun and Moon are here, and the official VGC competitive circuit has started. In some states it is off and racing, while others it is non-existent at time of writing. We thought this gave us the opportunity to develop and run our own EXP Circuit for the benefit of Australian Pokémon Video Game players. While there are online circuits out there, very few operate in a time zone suitable for Australians. With the success of APL last year, and interest to bring it back, we thought we would create our own circuit to better the community and grow our player base.



It is proposed that the circuit run from January-October 2017.

  • Block 1: Jan 27th to March 12th (Internats)
  • Block 2: March 13th to mid-June (Regionals)
  • Block 3: Mid-June to mid-August (Worlds)
  • Block 4: Mid-August onwards (after Worlds)

Events will fall into the four blocks mentioned above.

  Block 1 Block 2 Block 3 Block 4
Team Cup
Open Cup

Block 1 Events

  • EXP Grinder #1
    • Date: January 27 (Friday)
    • Time: 6:00pm AEDT
  • EXP Grinder #2
    • Date: February 11 (Saturday)
    • Time: 6:00pm AEDT
  • EXP Team Cup
    • Date: February 17-19 (Friday-Sunday)
    • Time: —
  • EXP Throwback
    • Date: February 26 (Sunday)
    • Time: 6:00pm AEDT
  • EXP Grinder #3
    • Date: March 3 (Friday)
    • Time: 7:00pm AEDT


In order to entice players, we are going to introduce a subscription fee for the circuit with all money going into a pot for the EXP Invitational.

  • All players wanting to compete in the 2017 EXP Circuit will need to pay a one-off $10 (plus PayPal fees) subscription fee.
  • The one-off fee gives the player entry into: EXP Lives, EXP Throwbacks and the EXP Team Cup (explained below).
  • 100% of the fees will be put into a pot for the EXP Invitational at the end of the year.
  • International players will not be eligible to enter our circuit except for the EXP Open Cup (details below).

Event Information

The EXP Circuit will consist of 7 different events; EXP Grinders, EXP Throwbacks, EXP Team Cup, EXP Open, Australian Pokemon League (APL), EXP Invitational, and EXP Open Cup. Each event will be explained in detail below.

EXP Grinders
EXP Throwbacks
EXP Team Cup
EXP Open
Australian Pokemon League (APL)
EXP Invitational
EXP Open Cup

Points Bar / Best Finish Limit

  • The points bar will be announced at the beginning of block 2.
  • Grinders best finish limit is set to 8. We should be able to hold ~18 throughout the Circuit.
  • Throwback’s best finish limit is set to 2.


  • All staff are allowed to play in the circuit.
  • Staff will not participate in any tournaments they are hosting.

Introducing the Australian Pokemon League!


Introducing the Australian Pokemon League (APL)!

The APL is a team based, round robin tournament using VGC rules being held exclusively for those living in Australia. The tournament will be held over 8 weeks and will feature 6 teams being managed by 6 of Australia’s best VGC players. Over those 8 weeks, we will see 5 round weeks, a mid season break, and two weeks of playoffs. Teams will be picked through a drafting process where Managers will bid for players. Players can sign up to be included in the draft by clicking the button below.


Tournament Information

  • Duration: 8 Weeks
  • Players per team per week: 5
  • Format: Each week the Manager of each team will submit a roster of which players will be playing in the following formats: 3x VGC 2016, 1x VGC 2015, 1x VGC 2014. Each player will play one player from the opposing team in the format nominated, and the team which wins 3 of 5 sets will win that week, with the sets won being used as tiebreakers.
  • Weekly Games: Games will be played primarily on Pokemon Showdown, however it may be played on cartridge if both players agree to this. Each week there will be one elected feature match per team, in which these players will need to play on cartridge and ensure the Battle Videos are saved and uploaded for use by PokeAus / EXP Gaming.
  • Additional Rules: The use of Minimise and Double Team is banned, to allow for faster games. Any player found using this will receive a loss for that week.

Teams and Managers

We have 6 teams, and 6 of Australia’s best VGC players leading them:

Mossdeep Metapods


Manager: Bailey Owen

Manager Bio: Bailey has been one of the most consistent players in Australia, with two Top Cuts in his first year of Masters, in two of the strongest regions being a Top 4 at Adelaide and a Top 16 at Melbourne Regionals in 2015. With almost flawless Premier Challenge Top Cuts and a Worlds Invitation before Regionals, Bailey definitely knows his way around the game, as can be seen by his commentary at the 2016 Melbourne Regionals.


Lentimas Shaymins


Manager: Brendan Webb

Manager Bio: Brendan only started playing VGC in the 2015 Season, having no results prior to Nationals except one Premier Challenge win. Brendan managed to secure a Top 8 placing during the 2015 Australian Nationals. While his 2016 Season both online and offline has only been above average, he’s shown he can pull out a strong unexpected finish before.


Roaring Rustboro Kangaskhans


Manager: Martin Larumbe

Manager Bio: Martin has had easily the strongest Regionals season this format, with a triple Top Cut in Adelaide, Sydney and Brisbane, taking gold in Sydney. He has been a considerable threat since 2014, placing 5th at Sydney Regionals in 2014 and going 7-2 at Nationals in 2015, showing his strength in all recent formats. On the community side Martin has represented Australia in multiple friendlies, with only a single loss to his name to date.


Sootopolis Salamences


Manager: Matthew Roe

Manager Bio: Matthew had a very strong season last year, with a Top 4 at Adelaide Regionals followed by being crowned the National Champion of the 2015 format. Through only a few Premier Challenges and a Tasmanian Midseason Showdown, Matthew qualified for worlds very early on this year, shifting his focus towards being head commentator for Melbourne Regionals.


Lumiose Mimes


Manager: Phil Nguyen

Manager Bio: Phil has been in the VGC scene in Australia since the beginning and found instant success in 2013 when he won the Brisbane Regional. In 2014 the world got to know Phil as he found success in the online circuit. The following year he qualified for Day 2 of the World Championships and finished 21st. 2016 may not be a great year for him but he is known not to give up and fight back stronger.


Seven Island Stoutlands


Manager: Luke C

Manager Bio: Luke is one of the most well known players globally, with a large presence online and solid results in Adelaide since 2014. With a Top 4 at Adelaide Regionals in both 2014 and 2016, and a Top 16 in 2015, Luke has been dominating the Adelaide competitive scene and his consistency and knowledge of the game makes him one of Australia’s and most renound players.

Draft Process

Managers start with 90k and can draft themselves for 15k. Base price of a player is 3k, and bidding increments are 0.5k.

During the draft each manager will take it in turns to nominate players who signed up, and then managers will bid on said player. If no one bids then the player goes to the manager who nominated the player for the base price.

Each team must have a minimum of 5 players, with no maximum.


Sign-Ups: June 5 – June 10

Draft: June 11

Week 1: June 13 – June 19

Week 2: June 20 – June 26

Mid-Season Break: June 27 – July 3

Week 3: July 4 – July 10

Week 4: July 11 – July 17

Week 5: July 18 – July 24

Play Offs Week 1: July 25 – July 31

Play Offs Week 2: August 1 – August 7

  • The top 3 teams after week 5 will go through to the play offs.

Trading Players

Players of each team can be traded at any time, with ‘2 for 1 player’ deals and ‘1 player + money for 1 player’ deals also being allowed. During mid season break players can be sold back for half of their original drafting price. Managers may purchase new players for their team from a Midseason draft, which will have new sign ups closer to the date. Players sold can be bought by other teams.

Prizes / Sponsors

  • TenFoldcards will be designing custom cards for each team, with their final logos. Each team member at the end of the season will receive a custom card. (Check out work by clicking logo below)
  • Ry-Spirit will be providing artwork to the winners. (Check out art by clicking logo below)
  • More prizes TBA


Tenfold Ry-Spirit

Our second Pokemon VGC Event is here!

We did it once, now we are doing it again! All details can be found below.

june, 2016

12jun10:00 amPokemon Video Game Tournament #2 - June 2016


Event Details

We did it once, now we are doing it again! We bring you our second Pokemon VGC event!

Registration: 10:00am – 10:45am
Start Time: 11:00am
Format: Best-of-3 Swiss with a Top 8 best-of-three Cut.
Rules: VGC 2016 Rules, rules can be found here.
Registration Form: CLICK HERE
Player Cap: 64 Players Max
Price: $15. You can pre-register for the event by clicking on the BUY NOW found at the bottom of the event details.


win run t4

1st Place
– Trophy
– Mug
– $30 eShop
– Eevee Pokemon Center Plush
– Artwork from RySpirit
– Groudon Event Ocira Winner

– Mug
– Artwork from RySpirit
– Groudon Event Ocira Runner-Up

3rd / 4th
– Groudon Event Ocira Top 4




Credit to LilRobin for the Pokémon image!


(Sunday) 10:00 am UTC+10:00


The Games Den

L1/231 Commonwealth Street Surry Hills, New South Wales, Australia



Online Pokken Tournament, Tournament!


april, 2016

14apr7:30 pmPokken Tournament Test #1

EXP Gaming’s First Pokemon Event!

EXP Gaming is finally here, and with it comes our first Pokémon event!


april, 2016

24apr10:00 amPokemon Video Game Tournament #1 - April 2016

Welcome to EXP Gaming!


A new way to experience competitive video game events is here!

Introducing EXP Gaming – organising, hosting and providing media for video game events. EXP Gaming is being launched by group of passionate gamers to help bring regular Pokémon Video Game events to life.

Our initial goal is simple – to run successful video game events with a beginning focus on the Pokémon Video Game. Later on, leveling up to include more such as Smash, Mario Kart and Hearthstone.

Our website offers easy access to all information regarding our events and tournaments. The Event Calendar provides in-depth details for any events we will be organising and hosting, while our Media Gallery and YouTube have our media for all events covered.

Here’s to giving the community an exciting new way to EXPerience events fuelled by the games they love.