The Launch of our Online Store!

In May 2017 EXP Gaming evolved and branched into Pokémon TCG cards! This way, we can give TCG players across Australia what they need- a go-to TCG singles source. While we entered the scene alongside the launch of Guardians Rising, a few weeks ago we launched our online store!

To celebrate the launch of our online store we are giving away a complete set of Fates Collide to one lucky winner who purchases through us in the month of June!


Every $5 you spend on the store between now and June 30th 2017 gets you a ticket into the giveaway!

The Fates Collide Master Set includes 1 of every card in the set including Secret Rares and also includes every card in Reverse Holo, if it can have a Reverse Holo.

So what are you waiting for? Go check out our cards!

Welcome to EXP Gaming!


A new way to experience competitive video game events is here!

Introducing EXP Gaming – organising, hosting and providing media for video game events. EXP Gaming is being launched by group of passionate gamers to help bring regular Pokémon Video Game events to life.

Our initial goal is simple – to run successful video game events with a beginning focus on the Pokémon Video Game. Later on, leveling up to include more such as Smash, Mario Kart and Hearthstone.

Our website offers easy access to all information regarding our events and tournaments. The Event Calendar provides in-depth details for any events we will be organising and hosting, while our Media Gallery and YouTube have our media for all events covered.

Here’s to giving the community an exciting new way to EXPerience events fuelled by the games they love.