About Us

EXP Gaming – We do the grinding, you get the experience.

EXP Gaming was first created early 2016 by group of passionate gamers to help bring regular Pokémon Video Game events to life. In 2017, we launched the EXP Circuit, an unofficial online Pokémon VGC circuit for players living in Australia, to better the community and grow our player base.

In May 2017, we are evolving and are going to cater to the TCG community too! Giving the TCG players what they need, a go-to TCG singles source. We enter the Pokémon TCG singles scene alongside the launch of Sun and Moon: Guardians Rising.

Our aim is to give VGC players in Australia what they need – events to grow, practice and play. Whilst giving TCG players in Australia a reliable, dedicated and stocked source for all their card needs. Ultimately, bringing in a community of players who gather to have fun, learn, and gain EXPerience.

Our website offers easy access to all information regarding our online events and tournaments. The Event Calendar provides in-depth details for any events we will be hosting, with a TCG section of the site coming soon.