EXP Grinder #3: Summary, Top Cut Teams and Usage Stats

On March 4, we had our last Grinder tournament before the Oceania International Championships! This marks the end of the first Block in our EXP Circuit. We had 16 players from across Australia play it out through the night. The tournament was run on Pokémon Showdown, being played with the official Pokémon VGC 2017 rules. We had 4 rounds of Swiss best-of-1, followed by Top Cut best-of-three with anyone who went X-2. Congratulations goes to Lochlan for taking out the third EXP Grinder event.

Event Details

4mar7:00 pmEXP Grinder #3


Top Cut (X-2)

Top Cut Teams

1. Lochlan (MudcrabVGC)

2. Brendan (FloristtheBudew)

3. Paul (OnSolace)

4. Ty (SarkastikVGC)

5. Tom (SchultzyVGC)

6. Meaghan (AvengedWerehog)

7. Mitch (MitchVGC)

8. Will (RhombusVGC)

Usage Stats

Usage Usage % Pokémon
7 87.5%  
4 50%
3 37.5%
2 25%
1 12.5%