2017 Australian Pokemon League


The Australian Pokemon League (APL) is back for 2017!

The APL is a team based, round robin tournament using VGC rules being held exclusively for those living in Australia. The tournament will be held over 8 weeks and will feature 6 teams, managed by 6 of Australia’s best VGC players. Over those 8 weeks, we will see 5 round weeks, a mid season break, and two weeks of playoffs. Teams will be picked through a drafting process where Managers will bid for players. Players can sign up to be included in the draft by clicking the button below.

Tournament Information

  • Duration: 8 Weeks
  • Players per team per week: 6
  • Format: Each week the Manager of each team will submit a roster of which players will be playing in the following formats: 5x VGC 2017 and 1x VGC18 (BS Doubles). Each player will play one player from the opposing team in the format nominated, and the team which wins 4 of 6 sets will win that week, with the sets won being used as tiebreakers.
  • Weekly Games: Games will be played primarily on Pokemon Showdown, however it may be played on cartridge if both players agree to this. Each week there will be one elected feature match per team, in which these players will need to play on cartridge and ensure the Battle Videos are saved and uploaded for use by PokeAus / EXP Gaming.
  • Additional Rules: The use of Eevee and Minimize has been banned.

Teams and Managers

We have 6 teams, and 6 of Australia’s best VGC players leading them:

Aether Paradise Silvally
Lentimas Shaymins
Lumiose Mimes
Mossdeep Metapods
Seven Island Stoutlands
Sootopolis Salamences

Draft Process

Managers start with 90k and can draft themselves for 15k. Base price of a player is 3k, and bidding increments are 0.5k.

During the draft each manager will take it in turns to nominate players who signed up, and then managers will bid on said player. If no one bids then the player goes to the manager who nominated the player for the base price.

Each team must have a minimum of 6 players, with no maximum.


Sign-Ups: March 17 – March 24

Draft: March 25

Week 1: March 27 – April 2

Week 2: April 3 – April 9

Mid-Season Break: April 10 – April 16

Week 3: April 17 – April 23

Week 4: April 24 – April 30

Week 5: May 1 – May 7

Play Offs Week 1: May 8 – May 14

Play Offs Week 2: May 15 – May 21

  • The top 3 teams after week 5 will go through to the play offs.

Trading Players

Players of each team can be traded at any time, with ‘2 for 1 player’ deals and ‘1 player + money for 1 player’ deals also being allowed. During mid season break players can be sold back for half of their original drafting price. Managers may purchase new players for their team from a Midseason draft, which will have new sign ups closer to the date. Players sold can be bought by other teams.


Players from the winning team are automatically eligible for the EXP Invitational, though they must have played a minimum of 3 rounds for that team.