TCG – State of Origin

Introducing the TCG – State of Origin!

The TCG State of Origin is a team based, round robin tournament using TCG Standard rules played on PTCGO for those living in Australia! The tournament will be held over 10 weeks and will feature 7 teams, managed by 7 of Australia (and New Zealand’s) best TCG players. Over those weeks, we will see 7 round weeks, a mid-season break, and 2 weeks of playoffs. Teams will be picked by the managers of each team. The teams will be: Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, Western Australia, South Australia and New Zealand.

Tournament Information

  • Duration: 10 Weeks
  • Players per team per week: 5
  • Format: TCG Standard Rules
  • Weekly Games: Games will be on the Pokemon Trading Card Game online.Each week the Manager of each team will submit a roster of which players will be playing TCG Standard rules. Each player will play one player from the opposing team in a Best-of-3, and the team which wins 3 of 5 match-ups will win that week.


2017 EXP Invitational

Back in January we announced the Australian exclusive 2017 EXP Circuit! Between now and then, we have had 13 Grinder’s, 3 Throwbacks, a Team Cup, an Open and even our Australian Pokémon League. Here we are, at the announcement of our EXP Invitational! 18 of the countries strongest and most consistent players will battle it out to become the EXP Circuit Champion!


  • Entry: Requires 65 EXP Points
  • Date: September 18th – Completion Date
  • Ruleset: VGC17
  • Platform: Pokémon Showdown
  • Tournament Format: BO3 Double Elimination
  • Team changes each round up until Top 8 ARE allowed
  • Top 8 will be played live, with 1 week per round leading up to Top 8
  • Communication with your opponent is to be done through FaceBook
  • All results (including Battle Replays) are to be posted on the PokeAus thread each week
  • Questions are to be directed to Stacey via FB or Twitter


EXP Open: Summary, Top Cut Teams and Usage Stats

This weekend was our EXP Open, the second most important tournament of our 2017 EXP Circuit! We had 37 players from across Australia play it out. The tournament was run on Pokémon Showdown, being played with the official Pokémon VGC 2017 rules. We had 6 rounds of Swiss best-of-3!!, followed by Top Cut best-of-three with anyone who went X-2 or better. Congratulations goes to Ben Madigan for taking out the event.

Event Details

8jul - 9All DayEXP Open


2017 EXP Open Announcement

The long awaited EXP Open is here! The EXP Open is an event open to ANYONE living in Australia! This event does not require a subscription to the Circuit. Currently the pot sits at $710!

  • Entry: Open to all (must live in Australia)
  • Date/Time:
    • Swiss: July 8 at 12:00pm
    • Top Cut (X-2): July 9 at 12:00pm
  • Ruleset: VGC17
  • Platform: Pokemon Showdown in the Trainer Tower Chatroom
  • Tournament Format: BO1 Swiss (all x-2’s Top Cut), BO3 Top Cut
  • Sign-up:


  • Points Awarded: Top 2 will gain automatic entry into the EXP Invitational! If you earn points, but do not have a subscription the points will be recorded in case you want to sign up for the Circuit after the event.
Placement Points Attendance Kicker
1 75
2 65
3-4 50
5-8 25 33
9-16 10 65

Full details on the EXP Circuit can be found here. You can buy a subscription for the Circuit here!

EXP Grinder #9: Summary, Top Cut Teams and Usage Stats

Tonight we had Grinder #9, our first tournament of Block 3 in the 2017 EXP Circuit! We had 11 players from across Australia play it out. The tournament was run on Pokémon Showdown, being played with the official Pokémon VGC 2017 rules. We had 4 rounds of Swiss best-of-1, followed by Top Cut best-of-three with anyone who went X-1. Congratulations goes to Sydney’s Arkington for taking out the event!

Event Details

25jun6:00 pmEXP Grinder #9


2017 EXP Circuit – Block 3

With our few Regional events behind us, the Australian Pokémon League wrapping up, and Block 2 over, we are pleased to announce Block 3 of the EXP Circuit! We have 7 events happening between now and the end of September. Our third block sees more Grinders, our last Throwback and the Open – an event open to ALL Australians even if they do not hold a subscription to the EXP Circuit. The EXP Open rewards players who finish in the top 2 automatic entry to the Invitational!


  • Our prize pool currently sits at $700 AUD!
  • The Best Finish Limit for Grinders is 8. Make the Grinder Tournaments you enter count.
  • The Bar for the Invitational has been set at 65 points.